Suffolk Trail Festival July 2019

Suffolk Trail Festival July 2019

After a little rest from coming 3rd in the Angles Way 100 k 3 weeks ago Karen Peck headed to Shimpling Farm just past Bury St Edmunds for the Suffolk Trail Festival. The 24-hour set off at 12 noon Saturday in good weather and consisted of an undulating cross-country course boggy in places after the weeks rain. After leaving a big box of essentials and kit to fuel up on the way round I set off on a good 100-mile pace in 24 hours. I don't mind laps, and this was a picturesque course but tough in places. In does play with some people’s heads but I took it in my stride and ran a few laps with Gary. I lost him at one point then caught him up again. It only takes a toilet stop or picking up food or drink for slightly longer to split up. I reached the 50-mile mark in just over 11 hours and had a bit of a cushion if I slowed up. I felt good even in the dark, but the uneven ground kept me on my toes and concentrating on the terrain so was focused.

I carried on well but did have to stop for blister pinching and took time to look after feet. I like to keep going and not take rest breaks and this worked well. I was told that I was 2nd lady but that didn't matter really as I was after the 100 again. When I realised that my blisters were going to put pay to that on this day top 3 was going to be nice.

I slowed up on lap 15 with blister pain and feeling muddled. I decided to stop for food and see if 5 minutes would make a difference. When I got to the end of the lap, I decided to stop at just under 20 hours with 75 miles under my belt. A sensible decision as I wanted to recover well and run other events this year.

Gary was still going and clocked an impressive 85 miles the longest he had ever run. I later found out that I had got the 3rd place even stopping over 4 hours early.

I really enjoyed this event and although don't like doing events again and again I would definitely give this event another go next year. As well as the 24-hour event there was a 12-hour event both races for solos and teams, a 10 k and 3 k event on the Saturday morning. A good atmosphere and support for all taking part.

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Report by Karen Peck