La Plagne, French Alps 11k 27-7-19

La Course des Geants 11km. La Plagne, French Alps 27-7-19

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On Saturday 27th July saw me in our favourite ski resort La Plagne, high up in the french alps, to take on what was going to be my biggest challenge since my running journey started almost 2 years ago.

An 11k race (although it turned out to be nearer 12) as part of La Plagnes “La6000D, La Course des Geants” weekend running event. It was a high altitude race that saw me begin at an altitude of 1947m and heading of upwards to an altitude of 2135m before dropping down to 1924m, then it was on the up again to 2151m before slowly heading back down, and up again before heading back to where it all began.

There were lots of run/walk/climb on the ups and lots of dodgy ground on the steep runs down.  A very challenging run but I did it. I went out thinking I would be super happy if I manage to complete this in 2/2:15 hrs and came in at 1hr 49m so was chuffed with that. The only GBR in the race and wearing my red, white and blue. Would I do it again? .............. yes, definitely. Although thinking that next year I may even do the 27k as there’s not so many steep climbs and it may be described more as undulating.

Well worth a challenge if anyone fancies it. WWW.LA6000D.COM

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Report by Rochine Symonds.