Tarpley 20 Mile

On a cool, sunny but slightly breezy February morning, A good contingent of Great Yarmouth Road Runners turned up to face the Tarpley 20 miler. This course was tough, tough, tough and all runners faced a very difficult series of continuous hills and fewer dips? which challenged the fittest of competitors.  The Marshals did a brilliant job whilst standing frozen-like out in the middle of country lanes clapping and supporting voraciously. Lisa Smith and Carl Jessup both struggled and took the extremely difficult but sensible decision to pull out during the race preventing any serious long term harm to themselves as a result. 

GYRR Results:

Andrew Manning (43rd) - 2.24.27 (PB)
Sean Jermy (60th)  - 2.30.19 (PB)
Mark Stone (124
th) -  2.46.58
Ian Tooley  (172
nd) – 2.57.14
David Silk (212
th) -  3.10.37 (PB)
Claire Baker (216
th) – 3.11.50
Cathy Tooley (217
th) - 3.11.50
Rachel Acamon-Carbonelli  (250
th) – 3.21.05 (PB)
Jody Donaldson (255
th) – 3.24.37
Lisa Smith completed  9 miles
Carl Jessup completed 17 miles.

Well done to all of our runners and there was copious amounts of tea and cake afterwards.