Reepham 10k

On a great day for running, eight road runners traveled to beautiful North Norfolk to run the Reepham 10K. Just over half the course winds around narrow country lanes through picturesque landscape, and the rest is on the shady Marriotts Way, once a railway track.

Sarah Sayers was first home in 55.24, and Sam O'Hara and Pandora Buck raced each other to the line in 59.50. Anita Betts came home in 1.11.40, closely followed by Chuck Weigand in 1.11.44. Bob Arnell was hard on their heels in 1.13.22, and Dianne Crosby couldn't quite catch him, finishing in 1.14.09. Jim Spong ran in to great cheers in a time of 1.18.54.

We had a great supporting cast of Carole Spong, Pat Arnell, Mark Watling and Pauline Leeves, there to cheer on husband, and one time GYRR member, Steven, who ran an amazing time of 44.19.

Thanks to Mark for the excellent photos.