Munich 2016

This year the official Club trip was to Munich, well organised by Nicos Symeou, and what a great few days it was beginning with a very early start Saturday morning to go to Stansted. Munich is a beautiful city, the food was good and plentiful, the beer was copious and the transport system excellent. Nicos's choice of hotel was perfect for location (being right over the station on the S-Bahn system), and comfort.  The weather was cool but dry and mainly sunny, ideal for running and not too bad for sightseeing and shopping. And finally, as with all trips of this nature, it is the company that makes it work and as usual with the Road Runners everyone played their part and made the trip very, very enjoyable for both the runners and the supporters. 

A good time was had by one and all .. mostly In terms of running, the highlights were that Andrew Baker had a PB in the Marathon, Jane Thomas completed her first Marathon in a very good time and Lorrain Dawson came 2nd in her age group in the 10k.  Congratulations to them and to all of the runners for competing and completing. It is a bonus that all runners finish in the Olympic Stadium, always a great pleasure for competitors. Unfortunately Paul Evans (not the real one) application for the Half Marathon was lost and he didn't get to run. 

The results were : 



Andrew Baker3:16:14PB 

Jane Thomas.   4:09:511 st marathon 


Half Marathon 

Gary Stanley    1:40:07

Ian Tooley        1:41:30 

Nicos Symeou   1:51:23

Cathy Tooley     1:59:11 

Kerstin Langer   2:02:01 



James Chaplin-Madden     43:11 

Lorrain Dawson                   51:10 2nd lady in Age Group 

Linda Drew                           62:37 


The highlights of the non-running bits of the trip were the size of the meals (how did Jane manage to consume that huge schnitzel?) of which we had many, German beer is really good especially from steiners in the Hofbrauhaus, listening to the oompah band. The town square , Town hall (Rathaus) , churches and buildings around Marienplatz are wonderful. A couple of us visited the Bayern Munich football stadium , and it is truly magnificent.

Also a few of us explored the darker history of Munich, the Nazi Party and Dachau Concentration Camp Otherwise we all had a great time and look forward to the 2017 trip.