Leicester Marathon -  23rd October 2016

David Silk lined up in the Leicester marathon on his own and 'Amigo-less' but he was determined to put in a good show for himself, Lisa and Carl and all at GYRR. The race began at 9.15 and David quickly settled into his race tactic of 9/15 min mile pace. The weather was cloudy and cool but suited him better than the summer heat David had trained through. 

13 miles came and went quickly (2hours) and all runners headed out into the countryside. Through pretty villages, country parks and beautiful scenery. Mile 20 came at 3hrs 10 and David started flagging a little. Whilst checking on a fellow struggling runner, a big brown rat ran over David's trainer. Spurred on by his new found friendship, David headed into a personal war of attrition and after plodding concrete-footedly through the city center he headed up the 1 mile final hill to the finish line. David finished 371st place in 4 hours 14mins 30 beating his previous P.B of 4hrs 42. He then drove straight home to a cold beer and to savor his great memories.