Top performer, may be of national standard and expect to finish in the top three of their class.



The new standards were introduced in January 2008, primarily to address non-proportional times for some of the award distances. We also took advantage of the opportunity to tidy up the way we apply each award.

Standard Categories

These remain as before:

Top performer, may be of national standard and expect to finish in the top three of their class.


Very good standard, may well be the highest the average club runner could obtain.

Also a good standard that many of our members will be achieving.

The average runner who is making good progress past the beginner stage.

The first step on the ladder, particularly for the beginners and those just aiming to keep fit.

Note the standard is achieved once the time given in the tables is equalled or bettered.


5Km, 5 miles, 10Km, 10 miles, 1⁄2 Marathon, 15 Miles, 20 Miles and Full marathon.


An award is given once a runner achieves the same standard times in 4 of the 8 distances and is presented at the next AGM following the qualification. Only one standard category (eg Silver) can be achieved by a runner during the 5 year age bands. The age bands will begin on the runner’s birthday. A runner can achieve different award categories during the 5 year age bands or indeed during the same year, this could apply to a beginner for instance. When a runner achieves a particular distance category (it is hoped that this will be recognized by a certificate) this will remain valid for the whole of the 5 year age band, therefore a runner need only achieve the qualifying time for a distance once during this period.. The exception to this rule is for senior runners who have a 15 year age band, in this case it will be split into three 5 year bands so that a senior runner could for example achieve 3 gold awards during their 15 years as a senior runner.

Award distances achieved before January 2008 will be allowed to count but using the earlier criteria.

Runners who achieve a standard should apply to the standards secretary, giving the race venue, distance, date and the official time (which can be independently verified).

Currently the standards secretary is Gary Pillar –