Yuletide Doubles 31-12-17 Fritton Wood

Yuletide Doubles GYRR    31-12-17   Fritton Wood.

Mud and Mayhem!

Let the mud fest begin.....

Let the mud fest begin.....

Wow what a day! Firstly it looked like we may have ‘lucked out’ with the weather which was atrocious to say the very least.  All the pre planning that had gone into the event was not wasted because despite heavy rain 48 GYRR with family and friends turned out to participate in this annual event.

With a pre-event team talk at ‘event HQ’, (The Bell Inn!) the runners set off to find the start area.  To be honest the ‘walk’ (with frequent sliding and wading included) to the start was an adventure in itself.  Guided only by sawdust arrows everyone arrived safely. 

Surprisingly, after a 1.4 mile lap warm up to check out this year’s new route (expertly plotted by Mark Peach…big thanks Peachy) no one threw in the towel! The rain had stopped and from the moment we stepped into the wood, it was like entering an enchanted forest.  In places it resembled Narnia only it was much warmer (and there was no Turkish Delight…but thanks for the chocolates Mark Stone!).

Everyone stood at the mercy of Jim’s clipboard….he had spent days preparing the list (massive thanks Jim). Twenty-four pairings…who would be paired with who?  The excitement was too much for some as they disappeared behind trees. It was lovely to see many newer members there and gave us all a chance to get to know each other a bit better.

The aim….to run 5 laps per pair.  One runner would go first and complete 3 laps alternating with their partner who would run 2 altogether. It really was a great course, if a little muddy in places. And of course being a fun event there was quite a bit of mud hurling going on between a few of the members in touch with their inner child (Andrew Dormer and James Carass).  It was a good job Emma Dawson was there to sort these boys out!

muddy crew Yule 2017.jpg

Congratulations to our top 3 pairs. 3rd place went to Frankie Turner and Gary Stanley. 2nd place went to James Carass and Tim Gardiner but this year’s winners were Jess Vincent and Craig Thomson.  They were awarded the sought-after shield back at the pub.  The wooden spoon was won by Emma Dawson and the young Noah Baker (accompanied by mum Claire); great work guys.

The food back at the Bell (a cold buffet) was delicious and plentiful.  Killer darts was on the menu of course.  22 hopefuls went head-to-head to compete for the coveted ‘Graeme Kidd Shield’.  This year it was won by the very talented Joseph Gardiner although Sarah Cuthbertson, Myles Duffield and Mark Turner kept on the pressure until the end.

This annual event, courtesy of the club funds and a lot of goodwill from volunteers behind the scenes, is only a bit of fun but what a fantastic way to end a year of hard training and racing. Thanks GYRR!

Report by Penny Studley.