York Marathon 8-10-2017

York Marathon 8-10-17

On Sunday the 8th of October the three amigos from GT Yarmouth Roadrunners, Lisa Smith, David Silk and Carl Jessop took to the roads of York to run 26.2 miles in search of a fellow runner and club mate Simon Bekker to conquer the hills and slopes of Yorkshire. No cacti in sight.

Get set go!!! The Three Amigos looking rather fine! 

Get set go!!! The Three Amigos looking rather fine! 

The amigos took off around the University of York and at 2 miles around the city and the minster with fellow amigos who travelled to watch the three cheering and taking photos. The three then trekked out of the city along the next 10 miles along with thousands of others from around the country. Many were also in fancy dress or wearing their club tops with pride. A slight malfunction at 2 miles where one of the amigos hats decided to break and the tether used to keep Lisa and her guide safe broke. However, this was nothing for the amigo bandits.

At 14 miles at Stanford Bridge David left the pair as gamed planned by the remaining two amigos.

This was never a race about personal bests or times. This was to be the last marathon the amigos would run together as Carl was retiring from the marathon scene and just ticking over from here on in to no more than a half. This was a about friends together enjoying time together doing what they love best.

Also, with Amigo Lisa’s little break early in training, just to complete it was the goal for all.

Carl and Lisa continued on with hats and tashes whilst David went it alone soaking up the amazing crowd support and marshals.

Amigo David crossed the line at 4hours 24 minutes and waited for his amigo pair in suspense.

Carl and Lisa crossed the line at 4 hours and 49 minutes after a tough challenging run for both mentally and physically and the amigos were united again.

It was an amazing, well organised event, with stunning views, route and support. This is on a par with the support from London marathon there were people everywhere.

Amigo Carl now goes into marathon retirement, unless someone knows someone who can get us in Vegas, as he would come out for this.  David and Lisa will restart their marathon training again soon as a pair in preparation for London in 2018.

Simon Bekker finished in a respectable 3.44.46 despite having a few unavoidable interruptions to his race. Great work team GYRR.

Report by Lisa Smith.