Wymondham NYD 10k 1-1-18

Wymondham New Year’s Day 10k 1-1-18

Celebrating their 40th year as a club, Wymondham AC hosted the annual New Year’s Day 10k. Starting close to the centre of Wymondham the course takes the runners out into the undulating countryside.  As with most races it was full with the 800 places selling out at the end of November. There were 634 finishers and 14 of them were from team GYRR.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The group saw no fewer than 5 personal bests (PBs) and 3 age group placings but first and foremost everyone enjoyed it.

Credit must go to Sean Jermy who is in a very competitive age category (Senior men).  Not only did Sean set a new PB by about 30 seconds but he also claimed 2nd in his age group. Sean has been running for years but it shows that continued hard work is rewarded and improvements are still possible.  His new PB of 35.52 and 7th place overall is a real achievement.

Marc Evans, Jacquie Duffield, Anna Coulborn and Vikki Brownsell also earned PBs with several other members getting very close.  Marc was surprised with his PB as he had run a fast 5k a few days earlier.  Jacquie was delighted with hers.  She ran with her husband and fellow club mate, Myles Duffield who paced her to perfection. Vikki Brownsell knocked over 2 minutes off her previous best; impressive running!

Other age group awards went to Anna Coulborn, who annihilated the competition in the 55-59 group, winning by several minutes and earning a PB in the process; double delight for Anna! Penny Studley bowed out of the 40-44 age group with a first place.  The cash prizes will no doubt be reinvested towards new trainers or another race entry! Such is the dedication of team GYRR running on a bank holiday!

prize winners  1-1-18.jpg

It was lovely to see support from fellow club mates Katherine Audus and Nadine Heseltine too! Happy New Year and here is to a successful year of running for the team.

Full results for GYRR are below:

Sean Jermy 35.52 (PB), Marc Evans 37.26 (PB), Gary Pillar 44.12, Penny Studley 44.30, Paul Reeve 44.34, Terry Hubbard 45.45, Jacquie Duffield 51.01 (PB), Myles Duffield 51.02, Anna Coulborn 51.10 (PB), Mark Stone 51.15, Ivan Lees 54.48, Tony Ludlam 59.14, Vikki Brownsell 1.05.55 (PB), Leigh Taylor 1.06.45.

Report by Penny Studley.