Round Norfolk Relay 14th to 15th September 2019

Congratulations to GYRR for once again entering two Masters teams into the Round Norfolk Relay.

This year a considerable amount of bling was awarded to GYRR. One of the teams came 2nd in the Masters competition, the same team was also awarded a prize for achieving the closest to their estimated finishing time. On an individual level, congratulations to Nicola Baker for being the fastest female over her stage and to Gary Stanley for his 20th appearance award.

This event is a phenomenal feat of organisation and team work both on the weekend itself and leading up to in its organisation. Acknowledgement to Andrew Baker for being the driving force behind and in front of the scenes and to everyone involved.

RNR Sept 2019.JPG

Added by Penny Studley.

RNR 2nd Masters Team 2019.JPG
RNR 2019 Best time estimate keepsake.JPG
RNR 2019 best time estimate.JPG
RNR 2019 Nicki Baker ladies stage winner.JPG