Ringland Half Marathon 3-3-19

Ringland Half Marathon 3-3-19

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Building on the success of the Broadland Half Marathon, Norwich Road Runners moved their premier race to the new venue. The Ringland Half Marathon, with the HQ based at the Roarr Dinosaur Park and with Dippy making an appearance the 40 Great Yarmouth Road Runners had an exciting race.

The race wound around country roads with runners enjoying some closed roads, but there were quite a few hills and a lot of wet roads, puddles and even some mud thrown in.

Out of the 40 runners there was a very impressive 14 PBs! There was County Silver and 2nd in age category for Captain Andrew Dormer who led the field home for GYRR.

There were several GYRRs who tackled their first half marathon earning themselves a great PB. Special mention to John Algar who ran in fancy dress for such a worthwhile cause.

Results: Andrew Dormer 1:25:21, Terry Hubbard 1:30:27 PB, James Carass 1:32:56, Coach Andrew Baker 1:35:19, Andrew Thomas 1:36:22 PB, Mark Stone 1:37:47, James Bool 1:37:56, Fancy dressed John Algar 1:39:50, Kevin Fuller 1:40:57,

Nicola Baker led the ladies home in 1:41:50, Jo Anverali 1:41:51, Mark Ollett 1:49:58, Jamie Mordecai 1:50:53, Claire Baker 1:51:07 PB, Anna Coulborn 1:52:43 PB, Kelly Shaw 1:53:22 PB, Emma Dawson 1:56:29, Tim Hart 1:56:58 PB, Ivan Lees 1:57:05, Rachel Ollett 1:58:28 PB, Gemma Aylen 1:58:31, Lorrain Dawson 1:58:57, Richard Lamb 2:03:31 PB, Jane Middleton 2:05:03, Tony Ludlam 2:10:06 PB, Michele Alexander 2:11:56, Nicola McGee 2:13:50 PB, Tracey Campbell 2:16:46, Anna Standerwick 2:22:12, Steph Deeks 2:22:28, Elise Mitchell 2:23:10, Elaine Stone 2:23:48, Rochine Symonds 2:24:53 PB, Jo Pinkney 2:25:13 PB, Vikki Brownsell 2:26:57 PB, Georgette Ward 2:28:05, Anita Betts 2:34:08 PB, Elaine Haggerty 2:29:53 (2nd claim club), Ian Freel 2:40:12, Anna Spackman 2:40:23, Katherine Audus 2:53:57.


Apologies if I missed any PBs. GYRRs ran an awesome race. Well done everyone!


Report by Anna Coulborn