Reepham Cross Country Jan 2019

Reepham Cross Country January 2019

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At the end of Nowhere Road near the Marriot's Way is Whitwell Station near Reepham where 3 hardy Great Yarmouth Road Runners took on some "proper Cross country". Terry Hubbard and Karen Peck mixing up their ultra training for a bit of fun in the mud and water had done this event before but Jane Thomas was looking forward to deep mud and water up to the waist. If you’re short like Jane and Karen you got a generous covering and before, during and after you could hear the runners yelling in delight at going through it, or was it just the shock of the cold water? Luckily, we weren't in first position so didn't have to break the ice in the dykes water. Two laps of the course with plenty of mud, water and hay bales later all 3 finished in good spirits with Terry finishing in about 46 minutes and Jane and Karen following in about 15 minutes later, Jane having laughed and screamed all the way round telling me constantly she had wet knickers! Tea, flapjacks and laughter followed with all having a brilliant time in -2 conditions.

All will definitely be back to do this charity event again in beautiful surroundings with brilliant marshals who again helped Karen out of a dyke and in turn Karen helping Jane finished hand in hand.

Report by Karen Peck.