Palma Half Marathon 15-10-17

Palma Half marathon 15/10/17

Hot hot hot.  Jane looking fresh as a daisy after her half marathon tour of the beautiful Palma.

Hot hot hot.  Jane looking fresh as a daisy after her half marathon tour of the beautiful Palma.

On the 15th October saw 3 separate distances being held- 10k, half marathon and full marathon.

The day started with all events starting together, but with 3 separate pens. The first one held the half marathoners, second pen held the full marathoners followed by the 10k runners in the final pen.

The guns went off at 9am.

Having arrived in Palma on the Wednesday before the run, I had been able to see how hot the run was going to be, therefore allowing me to plan my run accordingly. Temperatures were averaging 26 degrees, with 66% humidity, which followed through to race day.

I had already decided that I would be unable to run a fast half in that heat, and therefore would run to my marathon pace, which turned out to be a great plan.

The route started on Palma promenade, directly in front of Palma cathedral, with 8000 plus runners from all over the world, and proceeded west towards the port and then looped back. Along this route saw the many cruise ships and multi million pound yachts within Palma harbour, a beautiful sight. This part of the course was 7 miles, with no shade, and the temperature rose quickly.

This part of the route was highly congested and not much room to manoeuvre past runners.

One of the experiences of participating in overseas runs, is seeing how runs are managed in different places. And this run was, at times, quite amusing, but in a funny way. No runner seemed to mind the odd impromptu piece which made this run such fun.

The first fun part was when reaching the end of the promenade before turning, stands a naval base. On reaching the base, a car wanted to turn into the base, not waiting to see a gap in the runners, a policeman stopped the runners to allow the car to pass through :):):)  This caused a massive pile up, due to the congestion of a small pathway. Must have been a very important person!! At least this gave me a chance to drink some water :):)

The route, then came back along the promenade and then turned left past the cathedral, rising up through a steep hill, and then proceeding for 5 miles to weave in and around, and up and down the small cobblestone alleyways surrounding the cathedral (old town).

This is where the second incidence with another car occurred. A car had decided to drive down the alleyways, whilst the run was taking place and was not going to stop. At this point I had turned a sharp corner, and literally nearly ran into the car. All around runners were standing with backs to the walls. So funny, but again this was another chance for me to take on water.

It was at this point I finally saw another local runner, a Coltishall Jaguar. We literally ran into the car together:) I gave her a friendly hug, and wished her luck.

Throughout this time, I did not see any marshals, just blindly followed the runners in front, hoping it was the right route :):) fortunately it was...

After, exiting from the rabbit warren of alleyways around the cathedral, the final mile took you through the main street back onto the promenade to the finish and a swim in the sea. (big shout out to the Wymondham runners, who also had the same idea)...

This run was absolutely beautiful, with amazing scenery and architecture. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and would totally recommend.

It is defo not a pb course. Although running is not all about pbs it's about enjoyment and fun which this run can be totally accredited with.

Thank you Palma

Race report by Jane Thomas.