Manchester Marathon 7-4-19

Manchester Marathon 7th April 2019

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Since its inception in 2012, Manchester Marathon has grown to be the second largest marathon in the United Kingdom and among the largest in Europe. It prides itself on fantastic crowd support and a fairly flat course, good for PBs.

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The trip to Manchester for the majority of GYRR runners started with a shenanigan filled minibus journey, with Andrew Dormer, Mark Watling, Steph Deeks and Eirrin Thompson taking on the driving responsibilities. A huge thank you to Nicos Symeou for organising the minibuses.

On a cool and overcast morning on 7th April 2019, 28 first claim GYRR members and 1 second claim member stood on the start line ready to take on 26.2miles alongside 13343 other individual runners.

There were 11 first time GYRR marathoners: John Algar, Stephen Baker, Anita Betts, Vikki Brownsell, Tracy Campbell, Steph Deeks, Naomi Hills, Sean Newbury, Martine Perkins, Anna Spackman, Eirrin Thompson.

Elaine Haggarty (second claim member) ran her 10th and final marathon (although we have time to work on twisting her arm to make it a round dozen!).

PBs: Andrew Dormer (1min 39 seconds quicker)

Lisa Smith (27minutes quicker) Guided by Maxine Perkins.

Gemma Aylen (20min quicker)

Matt Buckoke (17min quicker)

Fran Elle (20min quicker)

Linzi Clarke (32min quicker)

Terry Hubbard (also first sub 3.30)

Andrew Dormer and Anna Colbourn both achieved good for age times to qualify them for London Marathon. Carole Spong came second in her age group.

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Final chip times:

Phil Quantrill 02:59:34, Andrew Dormer 03:09:54, Matthew Buckoke 03:24:50, Terry Hubbard 03:27:40, Steve Baker 03:36:38. John Algar 03:39:00, Mark Stone 03:45:11, Francesca Turner 03:53:05, Gary Pillar 03:56:34, Lee Harvey 03:57:17, Anna Coulborn 04:03:38, Lisa Smith 04:11:53, Martine Perkins 04:11:53, Gemma Aylen 04:24:58, John Bone 04:30:38, Eirrin Thompson 04:30:55 Carole Spong 04:38:50, Rob Bailey 04:43:08 Rachel Acamon-Carbonelli 04:44:33 Naomi Hills 05:06:52, Linzi Clarke 05:17:46,Vikki Brownsell 05:17:53, Stephanie Deeks 05:19:14, Elaine Haggarty 05:21:30, Anita Betts 05:31:41, Alison Bilyard 05:45:10, Stephen Swallow 05:45:11 Tracey Campbell 05:48:40, Anna Spackman 05:56:02.

This is the largest turn out for GYRR at the Manchester Marathon. Several members were made faces of Manchester Marathon 2020……and not Andrew Dormer was not one of them! The camaraderie and support among the GYRR members and their supporters truly embodied the club spirit of being the friendly club. Well done to all runners and here’s to a year ahead of many more happy miles in those legs.

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Report by Adele Godbolt.