Ipswich Half Marathon 22-9-19

Ipswich Half Marathon 22-9-19

Four brave Great Yarmouth Road Runners ventured south of the border to take part in the Ipswich half Marathon 22.09.19.

The run assembled and finished at Portman Road the home of East Anglian football. The forecast of cloud cover and light rain was nowhere to be seen, this was replaced by blazing sunshine and 24 degrees.

The run took us through the town, around the bustling marina. There were plenty of spectators offering terrific support.

From here we started to head out of town, there was a nasty hill at 3 miles through the park.

The route took us further out of town along the picturesque River Orwell, under the Orwell Bridge heading towards Felixstowe. It was at this point that we could see the quick runners coming back at the 6 mile out / 11-mile back marker.

Amongst the quick runners was our very own Terry Hubbard. Terry must be fast approaching iconic status. At 7 miles there was a killer hill which seemed to go on forever. Here we turned to head back to Ipswich.

Ipswich HM 22-9-19.JPG

When we approached the town centre the spectators were out in force offering much needed encouragement and sweets.

GYRR results.

Terry Hubbard        1.37

Jody Hunter             2.11

Chris Tyrrell             2.16

Tony Ludlam            2.28

The time by Jody was spectacular for her first half marathon.

(Note to self if I only train to 8 miles, do not be surprised when the wheels come off at 10 miles)

Special mention to the Tyrrell family for supporting us out and back.

Report by Tony Ludlam.