Freethorpe 10 miler 28-1-18

Freethorpe 10 miler 28-1-18

Freethorpe 10 miler 28-1-18.jpg

A staggering 46 members of GYRR joined a total field of 676 runners to start the Freethorpe 10 mile road race organised by Pat Brightman on Sunday 28th January.

Conditions were reasonable but the wind was a feature on such an exposed course.  This didn’t stop 5 members getting personal bests (PB).  Congratulations to Katherine Audus, Alison Bilyard, Marc Evans, Fiona Williams, Gemma Aylen, Matt Buckoke, James Carass and Steve Baker who all managed to run their best times to date.

Despite the distance of 10 miles and the strong winds it was lovely to see 7 of our newer members tackling the distance for the first time; namely Steph Deeks, Anna Spackman, Debbie Adams, Rachel and Mark Ollett, Rochine Symonds and Naomi Hills.

Sean Jermy was the first club member home in an impressive time of 1.00.39 seconds; a testament to his dedication to continuous hard training. Many club members are in awe of his achievements, particularly as he is so modest and encouraging of others.

A special mention must go to Pauline Leeves, Carole Spong and John Bone for collecting some silverware for the club in their respective age groups.

With GYRR now welcoming in excess of 170 members I am sure 2018 will be a very successful year of racing.  Well done team GYRR.

Full GYRR team results below:

Sean Jermy 1.00.39, Marc Evans 1.01.19, Matt Buckoke 1.07.50, James Carass 1.08.10, Andrew Dormer 1.08.25, Steven Baker 1.10.10, Myles Duffield 1.12.53, Terry Hubbard 1.14.35, Mark Stone 1.14.43, Penny Studley 1.16.03,             Gary Pillar 1.17.28, Nadine Heseltine 1.17.38, Paul Reeve 1.18.25, Nathan Roberts 1.19.42, Mark Ollett 1.21, Pauline Leeves 1.22.30, Ed Anderson 1.22.48, Jane Trudgill 1.24.55, Emma Crow 1.25.49, Anna Coulborn 1.26.29, Emma Dawson 1.26.48, John Bone 1.27.52, Gemma Aylen 1.31.37, Rob Bailey 1.34.04, Ivan Lees 1.36.19, Elaine Stone 1.36.45, Rachel Ollett 1.40.29, Fiona Williams 1.40.35, Steph Deeks 1.41.25, Carole Spong 1.41.53, John Bound 1.42.18, Rebecca Oldman-Hands 1.43.34, Lucy Daisley-Cramp 1.47.24, Naomi Hills 1.48.39, Ian Freel 1.49.28, Pandora Buck 1.51.21, Alison Bilyard 1.51.21, Rochine Symonds 1.53.32, Sean Newberry 1.54.05, Linzi Clarke 1.55.58, Vicki Brownsell 1.56.16, Anna Spackman 1.58.03, Katherine Audus 2.00.22, Adele Godbolt 2.04.07, Debbie Adams 2.07.32 and Anita Betts 2.09.56.