Cambridge Half Marathon 3-3-19

Cambridge Half Marathon 3-3-19

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The majority of racing members attended the Ringland Half Marathon hosted by Norwich Road Runners, whilst 60 miles away in Cambridge a smaller contingent of GYRR members lined up for the start of their half marathon. Starting in waves 8 GYRRs took the start with the other 8346  competitors. There were 8354 finishers.

Finishing in 1001st place was Penny who like so many of her club mates is in training for a spring marathon including the in-form Alison Bilyard who was delighted to finish in a new PB of 2.15.24.

Full GYRR results: Penny Studley 1.36.47, Eirrin Thompson 1.52.06, Kerstin Langer 1.58.37, Sean Newbury 2.12.41, Stephen Swallow 2.13.17, Pandora Buck 2.10.06, Alison Bilyard 2.15.24, Linda Carter 2.26.43.

Report by Penny Studley