Bungay Festival of Running 14-4-19

Bungay festival of racing 14/4/2019


A new HQ location in Bungay welcomed 14 GYRR runners who took part in 5 different events. The start and finish were also in slightly different locations to previous years.

The course is a mainly on roads and is famous for its hills with a trail track towards the end. The weather was mainly dry, overcast with occasional sunny spells and one light shower.

Two runners Andrew Thomas and Rachel Acamon-Carbonelli took part in the double doggy this year. A tough event which consists of the 10k followed by the half marathon totalling 19.3 miles. Andrew came 6th overall with a combined time for the two events of 2.36.22 and Rachel 25th 3.10.22. Rachel also ran Manchester the previous week.

It kicked off at 9am with Terry Hubbard in the marathon just a week after running Manchester with a very respectable 3.44.32 This consisted of two laps of the half marathon route.

Next came the 10k at 9.30 racing in this was Andrew Thomas 44.54, Iain Johnston 50.40, Keith Moyse 52.24 (first event in GYRR colours), Kerstin Langer 54.50, Jane Thomas 54.51, Tony Ludlam 57.23, Rachel Acamon-Carbonelli 57.14 (PB), James Ludlam 57.50 (PB).

After this came the half marathon at 11am. Andrew Thomas 1.51.02, Pauline Leeves 1.52.41, Rachel Acamon-Carbonelli 2.11.47, Linda Carter 2.29.43, Sarah Cuthbertson 2.40.31. This was Sarah’s 2nd half marathon.

Last but not least the 5K. This saw Lorrain Dawson coming back from injury posting 28.26, James Ludlam 30.47 Elaine Haggarty also ran but her time is still to be confirmed by chip timing.


Race report Andrew Thomas