Boston (Lincs) Marathon 17-4-17

 Boston (Lincolnshire) Marathon 17th April 2017

Bish,Bash,Bosh in Boston


In need of a retirement objective I signed up for my first marathon in Boston, Lincolnshire, which takes place on the same day, Easter Monday, as it's colonial successor.

My preparation was hampered by Policeman's Heel in week 5, treated successfully by splinting in a ski boot for a week; week 8 saw a bit of training boredom set in, similarly successfully treated in bindings. A ‘Shoegate’ 5 days prior to the event added a touch of drama.

The run was a pleasure; it was well organised and marshalled. No registration was required so a civilised, chilled pre-race couple of hours preceded the start.

A dry, flat race with a slightly stiff northerly wind on the outward leg was completed in 3hr 55m 16 seconds. A 5-gel strategy avoided the ‘Wall’ and the final couple of miles saw a surprising mild acceleration. The post-race period was a tad spiritual.

Many thanks to Louise for her support throughout and Team Duffield for their inspiration.

This event, in my opinion, would suit first-timers or those seeking PBs or age group qualifying times.

Report written by Adrian Penn.