Berlin Marathon 29-9-19

We woke to almost perfect conditions, especially temperature-wise. After a pleasant 25-minute walk to the Tiergarten start area I was able to drop my bag off and make my way to the start pen.

The first few miles were crowded, but I got rather lucky when the camera motorbike came past me forcing through at what seemed like my perfect pace, so I followed it for half a mile. I took water on board at regular intervals and kept fuelled by consuming a Maurten gel every 4 miles.

It took 15 miles to catch the first 3-hour pacer and another 3 miles to pass the 2nd.  At mile 19 I started to feel sore, and that’s the moment I knew I had to focus. Aerobically, I had no issues and I was soon doing the maths in my head.  My goal of my first sub 3-hour marathon was achievable.

With each mile ticking off my legs were holding together but with three miles to go the heavens opened. It turned out to be a nice distraction. The Brandenburg Gate was soon in view and I could begin the celebrations as this marks the last few hundred metres.

I was thrilled to achieve a finishing time of 2 hours 56 mins and 22 seconds; a PB by 4 minutes exactly. First half 1.28.51.  Second Half 1.27.31.

Report by Sean Jermy.

Berlin Marathon 29-9-19.jpg