Barcelona Marathon 2016


2 Great Yarmouth Road Runners travelled to Spain to take part in the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday 13th March.  Stuart Canwell and Ivan Lees were joined at the race by Stuarts cousin Hugo Navarrete, a native of Barcelona.  The team were also superbly supported by Viv and Laura Canwell who popped up at various locations around the route carrying a massive Norwich City flag so could be spotted easily by the runners.

This was Stuart and Hugos first marathon with Ivan now becoming some what of a veteran at the distance.  In the lead up to the race Ivan had suffered from a viral chest infection and had not trained properly since January but decided to start the race and see how things progressed

The conditions were ideal with the early 8.30 am start giving the runners a nice cool first few miles.

Stuart made the classic first marathon mistake of going off too quickly and by mile 16 was beginning to suffer from cramps in both legs which made for a frustrating last 10 miles. Despite the cramps he still managed to stagger across the line in 4:11:55.

Ivan performed well given his lack of training and milked the crowd all the way round the course. I am still not sure the Barcelona public has recovered from Ivans jig of delight as he spotted the Norwich City flag near the finish line.  Ivan finished in an amazing time of 4:54:49

The best performance of the 3 runners was Hugo who kept a steady pace all the way round and finished in 3:58:37.  He was delighted to finish in under 4 hours for his first marathon.

Everyone enjoyed a well deserved post run Tapas in the evening.

Both Stuart and Ivan would like to thank all at Great Yarmouth Road Runners for their support preparing for the marathon.

GYRR Results:
3:58:37 - Hugo Navarrete (non club runner)
4:11:55 - Stuart Canwell   
4:54:49 - Ivan Lees

Stuart, Ivan and Hugo

Stuart, Ivan and Hugo