Alex Moore Memorial Relay

Two teams from Great Yarmouth Road Runners headed for Skeyton near Coltishall on Sunday morning to race in the Norfolk Gazelles, Alex Moore Memorial Relay.  The day started with the two teams looking forward to an enjoyable and fun race, but as the race progressed and the teams started to realise their potential, it turned into a more competitive affair.  The ladies team, “The SeaGals”, was made up of Nicola Baker, Penny Studley and Vicky Quantrill.  The men’s team “The Coast Busters” consisted of Andrew Baker, Darren Honour and Sean Jermy.

Andrew and Nicola started the race running one lap of 2.2 miles around the country roads of Skeyton.  Nicola had a strong start finishing her lap with the GYRR ladies team in first place.  Nicola handed over to Penny who had a great run of two laps totalling 4.4 miles, with Penny fighting hard to only loose one place to a strong showing from Wymondham Athletic Club. Penny passed to Vicky who held on solidly to second place for her 4.4 mile leg before all three ladies completed the 2.2 mile last lap together.  In the end, the ladies team from Wymondham were just too quick for the SeaGals and the GYRR ladies crossed the finish line securely as the second place ladies team.

For the men's team, Andrew finished his lap in sixth place passing to Darren who had a fantastic run finishing his two laps with the Coast Busters up to second place for his changeover to Sean.  Sean turned himself inside out to hang on to second place for his two laps before all three team members headed out together for the final lap with a team from Coltishall Jaguars literally on their heels.  Despite a valiant effort from the Coast Busters who kept swapping second and third place with the Coltishall team during the final lap, Coltishall held second place on the line with the GYRR men proudly (and unexpectedly) getting 3rd place team overall.